Chemical Iron Filters

Do you have rust coloured water?  Odors coming from your tap water?  Have you had your tap water tested?  Does your test indicate high levels of iron, hydrogen sulphide (H2S), and manganese?

These elements are commonly found in ground water.  If you live on an acerage in the Calgary or Southern Alberta area, you will likely need a water treatment system to remove these minerals and gases.

Iron gives off an unpleasant odour and a rust color to tap water.  Although it does not necessarily present a danger to human health, it can cause inconveniences such as stained linen, early corrosion in drain sewers and in general, unpleasant to consume.

Hydrogen sulphide (H2S) is a gas that causes your water to smell like sulphur or “rotten eggs”.  It has similar effects to that of iron in that in can tarnish silverware, cause yellowish or black stains on fixtures and discolour the appearance and taste of cooked foods.

Manganese is a naturally occurring mineral that can present itself in ground water.  The effects are also discoloured water, strange odours and discoloured clothes.  It can even reduce your water pressure.

A chemical iron filter may be what you need to remove these unwanted elements from your water.  A chemical iron filter works by first passing tap water through a process of oxidation which causes contaminants in the water to settle out.  Second, the water is filtered for iron, hydrogen sulphide and any other unwanted elements in your water.  

All of our chemical iron filter units come with the Logix 268-742 filter option vale and potassium permanganate feeder. 

Our professional, specialized technicians will ensure that your water treatment system is right for you and your water needs.  Please call us for more additional information and a free quote.

Conventional iron filter using manganesegreen sand and potassium permanganate as an oxidizer to remove iron and small amounts of sulfur.