Frequently Asked Questions
Why Do I Need A Water Softener?

For industry, water softeners are an essential item of equipment, used extensively in hotels, laundries, dairies, soft drink and textile industries. They are used to soften water to almost every factory boiler. Especially those raising steam.

You could argue that if they are essential for industry, then surely domestic softeners are equally as important

In fact they are; Offering protection to boilers, heat exchangers (immersion heaters), shower heads, toilets and sink taps from the build up of scale. Really, a water softener helps to protect everything that water touches in your home. Soft water also makes the cleaning of all sanitary ware, sinks and baths much easier, without the harsh cleaning chemicals. Hard water prevents soap from working as effectively as it should, remove it and see the difference! You will use almost 50% less laundry detergent, soap and dish washing detergent, saving you money. No more scum build up, adhering to sinks and baths.

You will notice healthier hair and skin

Soft water offers protection for water using appliances, has a beneficial effect on our skin and offers savings on soaps and detergents. Many people suffering from eczema and other skin complaints have found considerable relief from washing in softened water. Softwater leaves the skin feeling smoother after showering, shaving and washing. It also makes hair softer and more manageable.

Imagine no longer being embarrassed by your “spotty” glassware, dishes and silverware, running around last minute to clean them for guests! Softwater delivers a spot-free and “shiny-clean” to all these important dishware items.

More important, you can do your part for the environment by reducing the chemicals and detergents you pour down the drain!

Why Do I See This Little Gold Seal On Your Products?

The Water Quality Association (WQA) Gold Seal represents the most credible and independent testing and validation entity in the water industry. The WQA’s Gold Seal represents quality assurance through comprehensive testing and continuous research and evaluation of water treatment technologies. Products bearing this seal have passed the strictest tests and qualifications in the industry.

Gold Seal